10 Recommendations for Successfully Working Remotely While Exploring Kerala

If you’re seeking a relaxing Southern retreat in India, Kerala is the ideal destination for your getaway. Known as the ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala offers picturesque beauty on the tropical Malabar Coast of India. From verdant coastlines and calm backwaters to lush tea gardens and the aroma of fresh spices in the air, Kerala is a slice of tropical paradise that attracts visitors worldwide. Whether you prefer walking through the bustling streets of Kochi, enjoying a serene cup of tea in Munnar, or relaxing on the palm-fringed beaches of Kovalam while savoring seafood, Kerala truly has something for everyone.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, there has been a significant shift towards remote work culture in the professional landscape. Today, remote workers play a crucial role in the hospitality industry, working from unique locations like beaches, cafes, hotels, and hostels.

Here are some valuable insights for effectively working remotely while traveling in Kerala:
1) Prepare in advance: Look into internet connectivity options in the areas you plan to visit. While Kerala typically has good internet coverage, some remote areas may have limited connectivity.

2) Select Accommodations with Dependable Wi-Fi: When choosing where to stay, prioritize accommodations that provide reliable Wi-Fi. While many hotels, resorts, and guesthouses in Kerala cater to tourists with internet access, it’s advisable to review feedback or reach out to the property owner in advance to confirm the Wi-Fi quality.

3) Establish a Mobile Hotspot: In the event of any Wi-Fi connectivity issues, it is advisable to set up a mobile hotspot utilizing your smartphone’s data plan. Ensure that you have ample data and verify that your network provider offers coverage in the locations you will be visiting.

4) Establish a Consistent Schedule: It is essential to follow a consistent work routine to maximize productivity. Dedicate specific hours to work and create a peaceful, ergonomic workspace free from interruptions.

5) Stay connected with your team: Ensure that your team is informed about your travel plans, availability, working hours, and any potential challenges you may encounter while working remotely from Kerala.

6) Securely back up essential documents: Safely store crucial work files, documents, and contacts in cloud storage or on a secure online platform for convenient access from any location. This guarantees uninterrupted workflow even when working remotely from your usual workspace.

7) Coordinate Time Zones: When collaborating with a team across different time zones, it is essential to align schedules accordingly. Utilize tools such as World Time Buddy to facilitate meeting coordination and ensure seamless communication.

8) Stay Organized: Ensure efficient task and deadline management by utilizing productivity tools such as Asana, or Microsoft Teams, enabling seamless collaboration with your team members regardless of your location.

9) Allocate time for rest and exploration: While maintaining a strong focus on work is crucial, remember to schedule breaks to discover the scenic beauty of Kerala. Make time for sightseeing, sampling local cuisine, and immersing yourself in the rich culture to maximize your remote work experience.

10) Remain adaptable: Be ready to address any unforeseen challenges that may come up while working remotely from Kerala. Embrace the excitement, stay open-minded, and savor the opportunity to blend work with travel in this stunning location.

Since 2020, I have been fully immersed in remote work. During that year, I made a strategic decision to pursue a full-time remote job to enable my passion for travel. While remote work was not a novel concept at the time, it wasn’t as widely embraced as it is today. Balancing my travel blog with a part-time commitment allowed me to explore beyond the traditional two-week vacation limit, making it non-negotiable for me to give up.

If you’ve recently landed a remote job or are interested in incorporating more travel into your current remote work setup – how exciting! There’s truly nothing quite like the freedom of working while exploring the world. I feel incredibly fortunate for this opportunity, knowing that many would love to have the flexibility I do – and it’s achievable for anyone with a remote job. Personally, I find that I’m at my most creative, energized, and focused when I can work from different locations, especially while traveling.
For those seeking advice on balancing remote work and travel, I’ve got you covered! I’ve navigated and learned from my experiences of managing work from various corners over the years, making mistakes along the way.

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